BTL Activity

BTL activity or Apartment Stall Activity or Apartment Marketing Activity in residential apartments helps in strong brand recall & Brand Building. There is major increase in the number of apartment & societies, apartment campaign has become one of the major forum for promoting your brand which takes your product or brand to reach customer effectively.

We are equipped detailed data base of societies in and around Chennai locality with number of residents, their background and the behavior, this helps to target your product on societies based on consumer likes & preferences.

Kiosk Activity/ Apartment Marketing Activity

Kiosk or canopy create more interaction with customer on brand and live experience about your product. Before the Stall activity at the apartment we ensure that customers are aware about the date of campaign through Pre – Marketing activity like Displaying Banner, Door to Door Flyer distribution, Posters displayed in Notice boards, what’s app communication and Mailer Communication. Stall will be located at strategic location in the society premises to fetch the maximum footfalls and visibility.

Our Process for Apartment Camp Activity

Society Notice Board

Apartment Notice board display will have a good impact when it targets on specific audience, Normally Apartment will allow to display A4/A3 size in Notice boards or near Lift area, Staircase. This will bring in more awareness about your product of offers given to the particular segment.


Banners in apartment will generate immediate impact on brand and your product, this results in effective Brand recall.

Flyers Distribution

One of the simple tool in direct marketing is flyer distribution at Society, this will either happens through Door to Door (D2D) or drop in post box or paper inserts in particular apartment.